Sunday, November 16, 2008

The POWER of the SEA

Behold!! The Power of the Sea !!!

The POWER of the Sea
is awe-inspiring !

The size of the ocean....

The view that goes on forever...

Where does the water stop and the sky begin?
The sheer force and the roar
of the waves!

The obvious joy for our girls to be there again, makes every
effort worthwhile!

We were creating memories!
Recently, my daughter and the grand daughters took a quick swing down the Washington Coast away's, for a sweet girl's get-away....a very fun and necessary run away...a time to just be girls. To stop at fun shops when we want drink coffee anytime we want to, even if it is "too late".... to sleep as late as we want to and to eat fish n chips for breakfast, if we want, and
LORDY, LORDY! Did we have fun !! We hung out in the motel pool and spa, ate popcorn in bed while watching a movie, shopped, ate, played in the sand and got soaked in the sea....then it was time to hit the spa to warm up again! ah.h.h.h.h.h. vacation!
And when we returned home, tired, but wearing smiles and carrying memories for a life-time!
Meanwhile.....Back at the ranch......................Miss Vic

Union Gospel Mission


a picture says

a thousand words.

It just happened to be Sunday afternoon, when
we drove past this Mission. I fail when I try to read the dynamics of the body language between these two men. None-the-less, I found the scene interesting and timeless.

What are your thoughts?

You know that pain and drugs do a real number on your brain, don't you? Well, I'm here to tell you that I've spent the better part of two hours - two hours!- to get logged in to my own BLOG !!!! Good Grief! I've tried every combination of user name and password known to man, before I came up with the winning that has a way of making you feel a bit was kinda like playing the lottery...."now which combination shall I try THIS time? Did I already try that one? No. Let's see, I think I'll try the OLD ONE. No...That didn't work."
AArgh.h.h.h.h. !

I'm going to log out and see if I can get back in again before I forget....And if I get back, I'll write it down ! (what a concept !) and then I'll come back and post the BLOG entry that I intended when I started out with lots of energy two and 1/2 freeking hours ago......

And if I don't come back....well you'll know that:
1: I forgot the damned user name and password again OR
2. I ran completely out of energy, took meds and went back to bed.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch......................