Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Another Great Blog

I have recently found some great Blogs on how to help lower those household costs by using coupons for household cleaners and groceries. It's definitely got a learning curve, if you want to coupon in a big way. Right now, I'm still finding the coupon thing a bit frustrating, while I am shuffling through the various small pieces of paper and trying to find exactly the right coupon I am looking for, (even though I have them organized by category in my coupon binder). It often turns out to be a wicked rendition of "52 card pickup", in the middle of the isle at Wal-Mart. while others are pushing through or waiting for me to get my S**t together and move on... Well, like I said coupon usage has a learning curve. But Sweeties Sweeps is another fun site, showing us all the great ways to enter sweeps to win everything from T-shirts and deodorant, to full-out vacations, camcorders, and now a huge contest from Century 21, for cash to build that dream home! Why not at least check it out? We are all busy, but you can expend as much time and energy as you want. For me, just printing off the coupons I need for the products on my grocery list for that week, is enough. But I'll enter an occasional really good sounding contest. And it all depends on how busy I am in that particular week as to how much coupon-ing I do.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I am trying to save a few bucks on the grocery bill........

Learn how to win cash and prizes from Sweeties Sweepstakes.