Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer Thunder !!!

Summer on the Prairie can be volatile ! Even though we live in Paradise...(well, some of the time it's Paradise...).

We can very often, get some amazing thunder storms here on the Prairie. After a period of high temperatures, we can generally expect it will usher in some high powered storms. First, the winds start really cooking, and the clouds start building hugely around the edges of our view...

When it gets so dark, it feels like Armageddon....

And then the lightning starts to crack. If you look carefully at this image, you can see the lightning striking "cloud-to-cloud". It looks amazing ... and scarey. But cloud to cloud lightning is fairly harmless. It's when it strikes the ground and rattles the teeth in your mouth that you should be worried about your position!
Now, don't get me wrong. I love to watch a good lightning storm, even though I pace the floor and wring my hands. But I do it from a safe spot ! Don't be watching from the middle of a field!
You don't want to be the highest spot on the golf course!
JULY Suggestions
Independence celebrations won't run short of detonations;
Take some lotion to the ocean, lest you end up fried.
Avoid those bolts that carry volts;
Don't be electrified!

In the meantime......Back At the Ranch...................................Miss Vic