Sunday, March 22, 2009

Long Story, Longer

Yesterday was my MIL's 90th birthday. Since everyone takes her "out", we (I) decided it would be better to "stay in" and I would cook for her. She didn't care what I fixed, as long as it was chicken or pork. And she didn't want birthday cake; she hates cake. And any vegetable would do as long as it wasn't corn, and don't do noodles. Don't invite anyone for makes her too nervous. Maybe she'd invite them for dessert....maybe. (Leaving me wondering just how many to prepare for). We had an out-of-town funeral yesterday morning, too, which meant I had to have the entire meal prepared, packed into coolers in the car, two hours early...attend the funeral and then travel the hour and half to Mom's house.

All prepared a day early: Italian Herbed/Parmesan Chicken, potato salad, baked beans, shepperd's bread, pickled beets, pumpkin butter, Caramel Nut Cheesecake Torte, and a huge pan of Mississippi Mudd for the unknown visitors that may or may not show up.... ACK !!!!!

Okay, we arrived, looking for-all-the-world like the Prize Patrol, there to deliver the multi-gazillion $ check...but No. it was just us: ME: grappling in the bottom of my huge bag for a stray pain pill and gimping up the steps on worn too thin knees and sweet Huggs with an armload of tulips and carrying cold chicken. What a hero. He smiles and we melt. All us old and semi-old women, that is. My rock......and hers. And I guess I just need to be so thankful that she shares him with me.

Or maybe SHE should be thankful to ME for sharing with HER ! yeah ! THATS it !!!

Well, this kitchen cookie, is tired to the max. I spent the entire Sunday...well allot of it anyway, in my bed. With a hotpad. That I moved from knees to hips to ...yeah. well, you get it.
But THE BEST PART OF THE DAY: is that it compelled me to use the old VCR/TV in our bedroom, where I watched one of my all-time favorite movies, Hanford Street, starring Harrison Ford as a fighter pilot during WWII, who tragically falls in love with a dropdead gorgeous nurse. I wish I could tell you to rush to the video store and grab it up and watch it for a great Chick Flick night, but I'm not sure if you would ever find it! The music is fabulous, the love scenes and the tragedy of the whole WW thing always makes me cry....and desperate for love to always be that intense and beautiful.

oh. And yes. I took pix of the birthday Momma, but I am not able to get down to the garage for my camera. Not today. Not yet.
We'll see about tomorrow. K?
Meanwhile back on the ranch................

Miss(ed) Vic