Sunday, March 29, 2009

MIL's 90th Birthday

As a re-cap: This past week-end was my Mother-in-law's 90th birthday. I cooked for an entire day, so that we could stay in, where she could hear better. Yes, I was very tired, but we had a good day with her. I just kept saying to Huggs, "I can't believe I'm cooking all this food for one tiny little woman!" But she had a ball, although over-whelmed with all the attention. And she ate like a bird, so we had food left over for days!! And so did she!
(Hint to self: next time, cook more sanely.)

This tiny woman is still living alone, tending her house. She gardened up until this season and she says she probably wont have a garden this year, but may still plant a few tomatoes.

She had a corner on all the flowers in the valley, and received so many bouquets that I teased her that I'd heard a poor girl had to cancel her wedding because there weren't any flowers to be had, due to some little woman having a birthday party and receiving all the flowers!

This is the Chocolate Caramel Torte Cheesecake Thingy that I made for her birthday party. This is insanely rich....sent me straight into sugar-shock. Want the recipe? I could post it, if anyone cares.......
Meanwhile back on the ranch....................Miss Vic's hips are a bit wider, and I'm planning an additional walk this week!