Thursday, December 18, 2008

I Am Only One...

"I am only one, but I am one.

I cannot do everything,
but I can do something.

And I will not let what
I cannot do interfere with
what I can do."

-Edward Everett Hale

Earlier tonight, I visited with my bestest buddy and confidant, about the affairs of the church.

I/We be-moaned what we perceived were the problems that were taking place in our own little congregation. But somehow, I know I am as much a part of the problem as anyone, because I am not doing anything to fix what I see is lacking in our church family.

Lately, I am feeling "left out"....the "red-headed-step-child". Somehow, I feel that I don't matter at all, or that I am not missed when I don't attend services or extra get-togethers. No one calls or e-mails. No one checks to see if I am ill.

BUT, as I bluntly pointed out to my "captive ear", how often have WE made those phone calls or visits to the others in our church? We often "hear" that ___ is suffering or that "such n such" is struggling with a loss in their life...and we may think of them or pray for them. But have we reached out to offer our help or visited them to offer a moment of respite?

I am just as completely guilty of this. My answer is "No". It is so easy to get caught up in our own lives, our own worries, financial concerns, pain, family issues...that we never find the time to think of others or reach out. WE JUST DONT HAVE THE TIME ! But a phone call that can convey concern and love may only take five or ten minutes.

So while my buddy and I were visiting on the phone, I realized that I was so wrong! It is so easy to be judgemental of others. And when we are judging others, we are blind to what good we could be doing for others.

Whew. I'll be stepping down from my soapbox now.

Meanwhile...back at the ranch.......

Miss Vic

Santa lives here..

Santa Lives HERE !
This is the beautiful
Prenite and Peridot
and Sterling Silver
necklace I had created
for daughter Di for
Christmas...(yeah, I
know...she could read
this blog and ruin the
whole surprise....)
But, I already did that.

I can't help it.
I've never been good
at keeping surprises!

It was all I could do to wait until the package arrived in Seattle....

Then when she had the package in front of her, we're on the
phone, and I'm saying: "OPEN IT! OPEN IT !"

Well, part of my excuse is that she has at least three Christmas
parties coming up...
at least three occassions to GLOW beautifully in this little lovely.
Now, I know I got the world's worst pix of this little beauty.
The light was just AWFUL in the kitchen that night...and I'd
already sealed the blasted thing and had it addressed and ready
to post, when I remembered I wanted to take a picture of it to
show my sister.....(duh).

So I ripped the bloomin' package open and got the best shot I
could get....yeah, I know it's a sucky photo. BUT> I just happen
to know a professional photographer that has access to this piece
of jewelry, and she may be persuaded to get a great shot of it.
Maybe, somehow she can have someone take the shot of HER,
wearing the little jewels.


AND THEN !!!!!

"Little Betty Baker" decided
this was THE DAY to make
Christmas candy....My haircut
wasn't scheduled until 2:00...
I could get the caramel done by then,
me thinks...(that's what I get for

It was 9 AM when I started...
I figured I would have the caramel done
by noon, then finish by making turtles...
You know, pecans, caramel and fudge over
the top. groan
I didn't take into account that the temps were in the low twenties this morning
with a horrendous windchill of minus 30 in my kitchen.
(remember: log house. yeah....drafty little beastie.)

Well, all good deeds done well....The caramel finally hit the medium
soft ball stage at 1:35 and I literally flew out the door at twenty till
2:00 with no time to drag my sore leg.

Miss Vicki talking to self: just suck it up, dearie.
you can have pain meds when we get CANNOT MISS


NOW...After my haircut...., with caramel cooled in the pans instead
of over the pecans in the candy papers, where I wanted them.
(humph), I had to assemble them one at a time.

Oh well, what else did I have to do on a lovely winters day ,

However, uhm. thhey thurmed out yustt yummie,... gulp.

(Don't you just wish you were on my Christmas list?????)

Meanwhile.....back at the ranch...

Miss Vic