Monday, July 6, 2009

AH.h.h.h.h. Summer !!

Some of the sweetest joys of summer: picnics, travel, family reunions, food, retreats, road trips with friends.....all of which, keep me away from the computer for days and weeks on end!!

One of the best treats of last weeks family reunion of Hugg's family was to see Grt. Gramma Grace holding this sweet baby girl for the first time. There's just something about a baby that makes a Grandmothers arms seem "complete". After having such large families, these women never seem quite right without a baby in their arms.
We had such fun getting to know Hugg's cousins from Alabama! And yes! We ate too much. This predominantly German family really knows how to cook ! It's easy to tell all of the original sisters and brothers from the hundreds of aunts, uncles,cousins,children and grandchildren milling around the park.....they all have this beautiful white hair!....just like my hubby!
Meanwhile...back at the ranch........