Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Another Great Blog

I have recently found some great Blogs on how to help lower those household costs by using coupons for household cleaners and groceries. It's definitely got a learning curve, if you want to coupon in a big way. Right now, I'm still finding the coupon thing a bit frustrating, while I am shuffling through the various small pieces of paper and trying to find exactly the right coupon I am looking for, (even though I have them organized by category in my coupon binder). It often turns out to be a wicked rendition of "52 card pickup", in the middle of the isle at Wal-Mart. while others are pushing through or waiting for me to get my S**t together and move on... Well, like I said coupon usage has a learning curve. But Sweeties Sweeps is another fun site, showing us all the great ways to enter sweeps to win everything from T-shirts and deodorant, to full-out vacations, camcorders, and now a huge contest from Century 21, for cash to build that dream home! Why not at least check it out? We are all busy, but you can expend as much time and energy as you want. For me, just printing off the coupons I need for the products on my grocery list for that week, is enough. But I'll enter an occasional really good sounding contest. And it all depends on how busy I am in that particular week as to how much coupon-ing I do.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I am trying to save a few bucks on the grocery bill........

Learn how to win cash and prizes from Sweeties Sweepstakes.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Just Playing

I like challenges. But learning how to take gorgeous pix at night has been a harder challenge for me than it should be. It could be a mental block or something. But it seems that if I get a fairly good shot at night, it's actually an accident! There are several problems for me, in shooting at night. One of them being, I can't see any of the knobs and settings in the dark. Yeah, I know, I know...that's what flash lights are all about! Number two problem is that my glasses get in the way when I am using my camera, so I usually leave them behind in the house.....and that magnifies the problem of not being able to read the settings.....and with the Rebel, if you don't have the settings proper, it simply won't take a picture! And it makes me so furiously frustrated. Especially when it comes to shooting the moon, when you know you simply have seconds to capture just the perfect shot that you want.....
Oh ho hum.
Anyhoo...I thought this was an interesting "accident", while I was trying to capture a lovely moon, a vehicle drove by on the roadway....this was the result of my shutter being open for quite some time, as he passed by......
In the meantime, back at the ranch.........

Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Touch of Spring

As spring comes slowly to this mountain prairie, I'm finding snow geese resting alongside the roadway, on their long migration north.
And small pockets of early spring Buttercups that push their fragile stems through the late spring snows....to give children and Grandmothers hope of coming warmer weather.

Here, I found a tiny clump growing between the rocks of the ancient old roadbed that curves through our property....one of my favorite landmarks, here: A handplaced rock wall that supports the original roadbed through the canyon where we live...and where my Grandparents lived before us....and pray God, our Grandchildren will live in years to come.
Ah.h.h.hhhhh ......Life here on the ranch......

Miss Vicki

Things that make you go: H.m.m.m.m.mmmmm

Did you ever wonder.....

If there's anybody out there?? that's actually reading this BLOG....

I can't help but wonder. How do I know you're there if you don't "subscribe" or "follow" or comment.....

I wonder if I'm just talking to myself ? Would anyone notice if I stopped posting?

Late at night, this is one of those things that make you go Hm.m.mmmmmm

Miss Vic....back at the ranch.

Sometimes a girl just has to get out of the house and go to lunch with the girls, right?

Well, my Bud, Annie and I have this favorite little bakery that we love to sneak away to. It's in a very small village about 35 minute drive from our little ranch, and Annie and I slip down there...oh..about once a month or so, I guess. It has the most AMAZING food...on fresh, daily baked breads of your choice. I usually opt for this wonderful roasted garlic bread, while Annie usually goes for a calamata olive or a dried tomato bread.

Only this time, she ordered the special, which was on a croissant.....yeah, well, it didn't EVEN compare to MY sandwich. But it's NOT REALLY ABOUT THE SANDWICH at all...It's REALLY about the salad....uh huh. yeah. Baby spinach leaves, with mandarin oranges, slivered almonds...and the dressing....oh! the dressing. Let me just tell you- it's better than sex.
No REALLY. I mean it ! It a yogurt dressing flavored with fresh orange juice and poppy seeds. I'm still trying to re-create it perfectly. (I'll let you know when I've got it just right).
Sadly, it might take me a few more trips to our favorite bakery to sample the dressing. You know. It's all in the name of research, right??? RIGHT?

Just look at this place! The owners purchased a horrible old store in a mostly forgotten little town on the Reservation. They gutted it, (to say the least), and then lovingly recreated a lovely little place of total comfort. They are constantly baking, so there's these wonderful aromas floating in from the bakery....there are wonderful breads, and donuts, and croissants. The dears will slice your bread as you wait, if you prefer....and you can indulge in a cafe' latte, or lunch on a sandwich or soup de jour.....sigh. Or you can shop for the perfect teapot or fancy teacup while you're here. (Friend Laura, this is where your "going-away" teapot came from.)

Just check out this incredible back bar. Don't y'all just want to add on to your abode, just so you can add a back bar like this beauty? And check out those tin ceiling tiles. Ah.h....
I swear, I should have been born 100 years ago, when all of this was common. I just feel so at home in a place such as this. And I would prefer to wear the yards and yards of fabric and lace that one would wear to afternoon tea.
What a lovely place to spend a leisure afternoon with a good friend! Thanks Andrea! And come home soon, so we can road trip back to the bakery!
Meantime...back at the ranch.....