Sunday, August 30, 2009

WHOA ! Critters on the Ranch !!

Well, life goes on here, on our little ranch....just when we think it's all under control, we discover that Nature is really in control and if we stop clipping, cutting, pruning, planting, planning; that in a mere short time, there would be very little evidence that we were ever here, in our little corner of the world.
Many times, I have said, that we really don't own this land; that it is on loan to us for our lifetime and hopefully we are good stewards of this land while we are here. I guess that is why I keep spraying weeds, picking up garbage that others throw out their car windows, and basically cleaning up whatever I see "looks wrong" in my viewscape. (Someone said I must have made up that word: "viewscape".....well, whatever. I Know what I mean!).

This week, as I was walking the highway that runs in front of our home, and policing the roadsides of trash, (YUCK), I noticed a large limb from our fairly newly planted creek willows was lying down across the creek...and I thought to myself, "Gee, there hasn't been any large wind events to have broken off that limb...."

Then I noticed a pile of trash limbs piled up above the bridge, near where our irrigation pump is in the creek. And. THEN. movement...OH! MY! oh YES !! A BEAVER. Right here, where we've never seen one before.

Then I walk across the bridge and look to find a dam across the creek. A dam of sticks and limbs and mud and rocks....and doing a fairly good job of holding the water and creating a nice pond under the big, cool bridge.

Here!! See the telltale chew marks of the industrious beaver......minute by minute, day-by-day destroying my willow trees. YUP. Nice young sweet willow limbs. HUMPH.

So as I quietly watch, I find there are not one, but TWO lovely little beaver here. They have created a wonderful habitat for themselves and five ducks, two great blue herons, thousands of little silver fish and crawdads and frogs......

So when I called Fish & Game, I'm begging for a live trap....and a PLAN B.
Is there a PLAN B?
Where we could create a beaver pond where we could all co-habitate happily? Where they wouldn't destroy our new willows, and where the dam they have so heartily created didn't have to be blown up by the highway dept, because their new home is going to create a big problem around the road bridge during high water this next winter and spring.
The conservation officer will be here in the next couple days. Hopefully before the beaver have completely ruined our trees, and hopefully, with the Plan B for relocation of our new friends.
Then after I returned home and lay down for my afternoon rest, what to my wondering eyes should appear: but a damned bat flying around the ceiling fans above my bed!!!!
My dear Huggs arrived home, and donning a broom and the Granddaughters purple butterfly net, he promptly dispatched said bat to the outdoors. (OH. And yes, I DID wish for my camera, to catch my big, strong cowboy wielding a purple butterfly net..... ba ha haaaa......)
Meanwhile back at the ranch........Miss Vic